1 and 2

Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve come around to write my feelings and thoughts.

Life has been so hectic lately. 2 businesses, 2 babies, 2 houses. Tons going on. So much that I’ve been afraid that the time when I regret not listening to my friends that always said “hold them while you can, time goes so fast” is coming sooner than I thought. So I called my rockstar photographer friend Leah Gravois and asked her for a family photo shoot. Except I didn’t want her to take us to a beautiful location, get dressed up, and take pictures of us playing in the garden. I asked her to sneak in the house and take pictures of us in our regular day life. This is what I am so afraid I will miss when they grow up, and this is also what I am so afraid they will not remember.

So, less words more images. Here are my favorite pictures of that day’s session. The girls are now 1 and 2. Thank you Leah for capturing so well our bedtime routine. From dinner, bath, story and bedtime. This is a treasure.

These pictures are no makeup. No dress up. No prepping. They are also ALL Leah. No photoshop. No iPhoto. No filters. NONE. Leah gave me the chip and they have been uploaded. Talk about a great photographer.

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