Slap in your face: now you’re a mother of 2.

Slap in your face: now you’re a mother of 2.

My second daughter Lola was born more than 2 months ago. The day she was born, my stepmom RL was here to visit. While she was here, my father and my sister came (as a surprise!) too. It was really cool. When they left, G (Coco’s godmother) got here. Then my cousin MF. By now we’re talking Lola is 1 month old. MF stayed for a whole month. After she left, my parents came again to spend Christmas with us. Then my mother in law spent Christmas and New Years too. My MIL left yesterday. January 5. Lola was born October 24. That’s a total of 73 days of family visiting.

Today is the first day with both girls and no one to reach out if I need something. No more “I need a diaper please!!!!”. No more “Can you hold her while I go use the restroom?”. No more sleeping with with baby while someone takes care of the toddler. Ah well, “vacation” over. It’ll be ok, I’ve got this.

Day ONE of being home alone with the girls: I go to a local Mexican bakery shop to buy Rosca de Reyes. As we get there I’m already sweating. How am I going to go down the car with a baby and a toddler? I figure it out. I go in, ask for the Rosca. First hiccup: They do not take cards. Put the girls back in the car. Go get some cash. Come back. Luckily the store owner is super nice and comes out to give me the Rosca so I don’t have to come down again.  Coco is getting hungry and she sticks an extra cookie in the order which she starts eating right away.

We get home and I am a proud mamma. I open the door in the back and I see a sleeping Coco smeared in chocolate. She’s adorable. I take a picture of her thinking that was easy. This is cute. I can do this every day.

I pick her up and take her to her bed. Hiccup number two. She wakes up and is SUPER hungry, while at the same time Lola is waking up too and can’t stop crying. Now it’s getting real.  I stick a bowl of soup in the microwave. I try to nurse Lola. She won’t latch, she’s upset and crying. Coco is crying for her food, too. So I realize Lola has a “little” (not really, it was huge) blowout (hiccup number three). Perfect. The poop hoarder decided to poop today. She poops every 2 or 3 weeks and TODAY you decide to poop? Of course, it’s my first day with them alone!  I have to bathe her in the sink (that’s how bad it was). It’s the first time in my life that I bathe her. There’s something about bathing a newborn, I don’t feel comfortable doing with my one hand. All this time someone had done it for me in the bathtub with a sponge in the bottom. Now here I am, bathing her in the sink because she’s got poop up her back, on her feet, everywhere! I decide to just throw everything away. No desire to wash and save a onesie.

I’m finally done and I go get the food from the microwave. I open the microwave door and all the food falls down. It does. It just does. I put the cover on wrong and it fell and the food “tripped” as the tray turned. That’s hiccup number four which feels like forty. I can save some of the soup and give it to Coco.

I finally sit and watch Coco eat while I nurse. NOW I feel like a mother of two.


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