Pre labor

Pre labor

It’s one week before my expected delivery date. I go to the doctor’s office and the nurse practitioner (doctor is out of town) tells me I still have time. I am barely 1cm dilated, not ephased at all, just soft. I’m confident the baby will hold for one more week.

Three days later, when I wake up with stronger pain than usual, I think it’s close but there is no way that today is the day. “It’s just Braxton Hicks Contractions”, I keep repeating to myself.

That was a tough morning. Coco and I were playing as usual, but when she wanted to be held, or when she jumped on me like she always does for me to tickle her, I would cry in pain. Then I would cry more feeling awful for not wanting to hold her. I felt miserable thinking she wasn’t going to be an only child much longer, and I couldn’t give her the attention she wanted. I called the hubs and asked him to come home early from work. I couldn’t bear the pain AND give Coco the attention she needed at the same time.

We go trick or treating to the local “Night at the Booseum” Halloween event. I’m still in denial and say I’m not in labor. But the pain is stronger each time and when we get home, I start tracking the contractions.  YUP!… they’re not very far apart, and they are more and more constant. I’m in labor. I call Liz (my doula), I call Leah (my photographer), and I call Donna (my friend who would take care of Coco). Everyone is ready! We head to the car and the hubs tells me I look so fresh, he would not be surprised if I ask him to stop for dinner first. hahaha. I tell him part of me thinks the hospital is going to turn us back, today is not the day.


We get to the hospital and I’m admitted to a checking room, not a labor and delivery room. Once again I’m thinking: So today is not the day. “If these nurses saw I was in labor, they would take me to the L&D room but they’re only checking me.” The nurse checks me and… I’m 6 cm dilated! “You’re having a baby today!”



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