Making time stop

Making time stop

Sometimes I want to be able to take a piece of the present with me to the future. I want to keep a moment forever. Yes I want life to continue, I’m the kind of gal who thinks every day is a chance to have a better day than yesterday, and the best is yet to come, but I want to keep a piece of right now with me.

My pregnancies are moments like that. I can’t wait to have my baby, yet I don’t want to lose my belly! The big belly doesn’t let me sleep, doesn’t let me walk comfortably, doesn’t let me put on my shoes like I used to before, makes me pee when I sneeze, and feel like I need to pee every 30 min. But also my belly has made me feel as woman as ever, it has allowed me to FEEL and LIVE the incredible miracle of life inside me. And I’ll take this anytime even if it means going through all that.

So today I went to Atelier Nenuphar, which is my friend Jeanine Van Der Loo’s art studio and got a belly cast made. She is an AMAZING local artist and I’m proud to say we are close friends. She made my first belly cast when I was pregnant with Coco, and I want to give the second child everything I gave the first. Jeanine is the best. She is professional and silly at the same time. She made me feel comfortable in my skin and even though we’d joke about how my body has changed from one pregnancy to another, I never felt awkward constantly flashing her!

She started by asking me questions about my pregnancy, so she could get ideas of how she would later do the art on it. We talked about how my pregnancy has been like, and what hopes I have for this baby. The sketching on her notebook began. I love how she makes art personal.

Then for the belly cast, she applied a thick layer of aquaphore on my big belly and breasts that would make it easy later to remove the cast. She asked me where I would be more comfortable and I decided to sit on a stool which kept my posture the most alike to being standing up. Then the layering began. She had previously cut plaster bandages to about 12 x 5 inches, and I got 3 or 4 layers of them covering my body. After the layers were nice and smooth, we waited for them to dry (not even 10 minutes) and then took it off. Voilá! (almost)

Jeanine really takes her time to make good art. She will let the cast dry, then apply more plaster to make it smoother, and then start the art. I really can’t wait to see the final result.

Like she said on her facebook page… She’s in the business of making memories, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.



3 thoughts on “Making time stop

  1. Loved the content of this! As I am experiencing these same feelings, I wish I could find someone where I am to help me accomplish this but I understand completely about wanting to keep these moments forever! We’re in the same boat!

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