My experience with Baby Wise and sleep training

My experience with Baby Wise and sleep training

I wish I had started writing this blog earlier. The truth is, even if this post has a 2014 date, I am writing my memories one year later and so I can only write so much. If I had started earlier, there would be more than a few posts about Baby Wise. Maybe with number 2 I will…

The book On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo and Roberto Bucknam is THE baby handbook they should give you in the hospital on your way out. I had no idea there were parenting “options” so when I got it along with a bunch of other books and hand-me-downs from a friend, I didn’t do any research or thought about it, I just read it. I read it first while I was pregnant. Took a couple of notes here and there. Then one day I called a friend who has the same job I do to ask her opinion on breastfeeding while teaching swimming lessons and she said: “Read On Becoming Babywise, it will be a lot of help.” So I re started reading it, took better notes.

It sounded too good to be true, I didn’t really believe all the things the book “promised”:

  • Baby Wise babies sleep for 9 or 10 hours at night on average by week 9 or 15.
  • Baby Wise babies sleep through the night (10 to 12 hours!) on average by week 16 or 24.
  • Baby Wise babies do not need to be rocked to be put down to sleep.
  • Baby Wise babies have a routine that includes several naps a day.
  • Baby Wise babies are happy, rested babies.

I asked my friend who I got the book from if it was true. If her babies had been so happy and perfect and easy as the book promised. She smiled and said “no, babies are not textbook”. Demit, I was really hoping she would say different. I couldn’t give up without trying. I joined several Baby Wise facebook groups where I met more than a dozen moms who follow BW. I also started following blogs of BW moms. I realized the book offers the philosophy and the “why” but these moms could provide answers to the “how” questions I had every day!

The book plus these advice I got from these moms REALLY worked. To this day, I am constantly told all the thing the book said I would be told:

  • You are so lucky, you have such a good baby.
  • You have such a happy baby, I never hear her cry!
  • My child could not do it, you are lucky yours could.

I loved/hated receiving these comments. I was NOT lucky, these are all a result of hard work and effort. EVERY child is capable of self soothing, of keeping a schedule, and sleeping through the night (STTN). It was not easy and it took a lot of work from me and the hubs but it paid off BIG TIME.

Coco slept for 10 hours at night by 8 weeks; for 12 hours by 14 weeks; and she would fall asleep within 6 minutes of me placing her on her crib (no rocking) by 3 months. For this last one we also followed Dr. Estivil’s method.

You can click for a book summary of On Becoming Babywise and Dr Estivil’s method.

If you’re looking for a parenting philosophy which allows you to have a life with your husband after 8:00pm, that teaches babies discipline, routine and self esteem, and one that will give your baby the gift of sleep, look no further. Go get the On becoming babywise book, join the mom groups, ask questions, and enjoy!


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