Dr Estivil’s sleep training method

Dr Estivil’s sleep training method

Here’s a summary on Dr Eduard Estivill’s sleep training method. I read his book in spanish “A dormir!” but I found he also has this book in english:

5 Days to a Perfect Night’s Sleep for Your Child: The Secrets to Making Bedtime a Dream by Eduard Estivill.

Some people call it Cry It Out (CIO) I really don’t think it is since I never left my baby crying herself to sleep but actually went inside and reassured her everything was fine. She never cried for more than 9 minutes. There were days when she would cry and fall asleep before I had to go in, there’s the CIO part I guess… It pays though. By following this method  we were able to put Coco in her crib and watch in the video monitor how she would fall asleep on her own in just a few minutes by day 6!

Choose a day to start and there is no backing up. Forget all the other ways you have put your baby to sleep before, throw them out the window, no mixing. Pick a day when you can follow through for at least a week.

It’s all about repetition, getting baby comfortable in a routine, and reassurance.

Before it’s time for bed, have a loving time with baby (bath, massage, story, etc). This is to reassure baby of your love for him. Then when it is time to sleep, follow these steps and dialogue (you can chose your own, but it should include things like this):

“Ok Coco… it is time to sleep. I am closing the curtains now, putting on your plane (I like calling white noise her plane haha), here is your lovie, here is your paci. Mom and dad love you very very much and will be close by having dinner while you stay here. You are learning to sleep and you are staying here now. We love you, have a good night.”

Walk out of the room. The end. HAHAHA Just kidding… Walk out of the room and wait… He will cry. OH YES HE WILL CRY!

Set the timer to 1 minute. When he has cried for one minute, go in the room and REPEAT your MONOLOGUE (not a dialogue! if your baby is already talking, DO NOT engage in conversation! even if he says I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU! I NEED YOU! oh that would be hard but do NOT reply!).

Walk out of the room. Wait… When he starts crying, set your times to 2 minutes and go in, repeat the same MONOLOUGE.

Walk out and wait… When baby cries set the times to 3 minutes.

You get the idea… it’s letting baby cry for a little longer each time. The fourth time should be the max amount of time. So… the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th time you go in, your timer was for the same amount of time.

DAY 2 – 6: Start with a longer time. I started with 1 more minute on each interval, each day. But you can do whatever works for you. As long as it is increased of course.

ON THE SIXTH DAY: Your baby should be trained. By then, my baby was sleeping before I had to go in. (6min)

ON THE SEVENTH DAY: Continue with the 6th day intervals.

Your monologue should be said with a loving smile on your face, babies perceive your emotions and seek for your safety to feel safe. If you do not feel ready to do this, they WILL NOT feel safe staying on their own.

The person going to do this should be the one who is at most ease and will not give in. If it is hard for you, maybe your husband should go in.

Good luck!!!!


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