Positive affirmations and confession

Positive affirmations and confession

Thanks to a post that Ellie Dufrene did a few weeks ago, I came to watch this video
that literally changed the way I do bedtime routine. Ever since I watched the video, I follow this couple’s advice. I do it throughout the day, but the bedtime part is one of my favorites.
I want my girls to listen to positive affirmations as the last things they hear before falling asleep.
Coco is intelligent
Coco is special
Coco is smart
Coco is funny
Coco is brave
Coco is strong
Coco is sharing
Coco is a good friend
Coco is a behaved girl
Coco is talented
Not always the same ones, I try to vary and say at least 5. I do the same with Lola.
Well, tonight I was going through the routine. And after a few… Coco says: “Coco is funny, mommy!”. It melted my heart that she asked me to affirm THAT ONE. Love her to death.
Then she went on “confessing” Coco hit Lola today. 😂
Gracias a un post que hizo Ellie hace unas semanas, vi este video
que literalmente cambió la manera en la que hago mi rutina de la noche con las niñas. Desde que vi el video, sigo consejos de esta pareja durante el dia. La rutina de la noche es de mis partes favoritas.
Quiero que lo último que escuchen es afirmaciones positivas de su persona.
Coco es inteligente.
Coco es especial.
Coco es lista.
Coco es chistosa.
Coco es valiente.
Coco es fuerte.
Coco es compartida.
Coco es buena amiga.
Coco es bien portada.
Coco es talentosa.
No siempre las mismas, le varío y digo al rededor de 5. Hago lo mismo con Lola.
Hoy, después de algunas… Coco me dice: “Coco es chistosa, mami!” Me ecntiernezó que me pidiera esa. COMO LA AMO!
Lugo fue honesta y confesó: Coco le pegó a Lola hoy.

1 and 2

Gosh it’s been a while since I’ve come around to write my feelings and thoughts.

Life has been so hectic lately. 2 businesses, 2 babies, 2 houses. Tons going on. So much that I’ve been afraid that the time when I regret not listening to my friends that always said “hold them while you can, time goes so fast” is coming sooner than I thought. So I called my rockstar photographer friend Leah Gravois and asked her for a family photo shoot. Except I didn’t want her to take us to a beautiful location, get dressed up, and take pictures of us playing in the garden. I asked her to sneak in the house and take pictures of us in our regular day life. This is what I am so afraid I will miss when they grow up, and this is also what I am so afraid they will not remember.

So, less words more images. Here are my favorite pictures of that day’s session. The girls are now 1 and 2. Thank you Leah for capturing so well our bedtime routine. From dinner, bath, story and bedtime. This is a treasure.

These pictures are no makeup. No dress up. No prepping. They are also ALL Leah. No photoshop. No iPhoto. No filters. NONE. Leah gave me the chip and they have been uploaded. Talk about a great photographer.

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Soup or sandwich?

Soup or sandwich?

I ask Coco if she wants a sandwich for lunch. She says: no. Chicken (soup). So I fix her the soup and I make my sandwich. Of course you know what happened next.  
Sandwich! Sandwich! Sandwich!!!!

Tears, screaming. I explain politely how she chose the soup and she calms down. I bring my sandwich to the table and it gets worse than before. So I snap at her: “coco! You want to eat your soup or you want to go play?” (Knowing this means no food till snack time. Praying she’ll say soup, I really don’t want a hangry child). She answers soup and eats it. All of it. While I cheer for her. 
I felt like The Trunchball and Matilda at the same time. 

Caldo o sándwich?

Le pregunto a coco si quiere comer sándwich y me dice que no, quiere pollito (caldo de pollo). Así que le sirvo su plato y me hago mi sándwich y por supuesto pasa lo que estás pesando. 
Sándwich sándwich sándwich!!! Llantos y gritos. Le explico que ella pidió la sopa y se calma unos segundos. Me siento con mi sándwich y se pone peor que antes. Me hace explotar y le grito: «coco! Quieres sopa o irte a jugar!?» (Ella sabe que no hay más de comer hasta la merienda, y rezó para que diga sopa. No quiero una niña de mal humor por hambre). Contesta qué quiere sopa y se la come. Toda. Mientras le hecho porras. 

Me sentí La Trunchball y Matilda

For all work at home moms

For all work at home moms

As I try to lay Lola for a nap, while at the same time Coco is hungry, I have emails to check, taxes to report, two businesses, colleagues, employees, and clients to attend, a house to pack and move, oils to put on to get me through this (thank God for the extra energy, patience, immunity I get from them, now put some on the girls too. Good, now they’re in a better mood… Can’t forget those!) Now keep working, get lunch ready husband is almost home, clean up a little to look decent for him, and breathe… I can’t forget to breathe…!!!… Am I forgetting something???

Some may think this is a day late but it isn’t. Work at home mom’s days are like this EVERY day, not only on international woman’s day. I am so, SO grateful for my mom, my grandmother, and every woman in my ancestry as well as my girl friends. I admire you more every day. I will not try to name all my female friends. With this list of things to do, I risk forgetting to tag someone and I don’t want that. So… If you are reading and you can relate: this is for you!

I want to send you all my positive energy and love to you. You may feel alone but you are not. You are strong. You are capable of so much. You are a badass. Chin up and keep going!


Para todas las mujeres que trabajan desde casa

A dormir a Lola. Pero Coco tiene hambre! Me falta checar correos, mensajes, tengo dos negocios, empleadas, colegas, y clientes que atender!!! Necesito empacar mi casa porque nos cambiamos la semana que entra, a ponerme aceititos (gracias Dios por estas cosas, sin ellas sería mil veces más difícil, al menos me sacan el buen humor, paciencia, y fuerza. En las niñas también… Ok ya están de mejor humor)… A seguirle. Comida lista que ya mero llega el marido a comer. A arreglarse aunque sea un poco para verse decente! A respirar… No se me puede olvidar respirar!!!! Algo mas???

Si crees que este mensaje debió ser escrito ayer en el día internacional de la mujer que crees? Los días de las mamás que trabajan desde casa son así toooodos los días. Doy gracias por mi mamá, mi abuela, y todas las mujeres en mi familia y amigas. Las admiro más cada día. No intentaré mencionar a cada una porque con tanto que hacer, estoy segura que se me va a escapar una y NINGUNA debe escaparse. Pero si estás leyendo este mensaje y te identificas, entonces significa que esto es para ti.

Te mando toda mi energía, amor, y reconocimiento. Si te sientes sola, no lo estas. Eres fuere, eres capaz de tanto, eres una chingona. Frente en alto y a darle!

Slap in your face: now you’re a mother of 2.

Slap in your face: now you’re a mother of 2.

My second daughter Lola was born more than 2 months ago. The day she was born, my stepmom RL was here to visit. While she was here, my father and my sister came (as a surprise!) too. It was really cool. When they left, G (Coco’s godmother) got here. Then my cousin MF. By now we’re talking Lola is 1 month old. MF stayed for a whole month. After she left, my parents came again to spend Christmas with us. Then my mother in law spent Christmas and New Years too. My MIL left yesterday. January 5. Lola was born October 24. That’s a total of 73 days of family visiting.

Today is the first day with both girls and no one to reach out if I need something. No more “I need a diaper please!!!!”. No more “Can you hold her while I go use the restroom?”. No more sleeping with with baby while someone takes care of the toddler. Ah well, “vacation” over. It’ll be ok, I’ve got this.

Day ONE of being home alone with the girls: I go to a local Mexican bakery shop to buy Rosca de Reyes. As we get there I’m already sweating. How am I going to go down the car with a baby and a toddler? I figure it out. I go in, ask for the Rosca. First hiccup: They do not take cards. Put the girls back in the car. Go get some cash. Come back. Luckily the store owner is super nice and comes out to give me the Rosca so I don’t have to come down again.  Coco is getting hungry and she sticks an extra cookie in the order which she starts eating right away.

We get home and I am a proud mamma. I open the door in the back and I see a sleeping Coco smeared in chocolate. She’s adorable. I take a picture of her thinking that was easy. This is cute. I can do this every day.

I pick her up and take her to her bed. Hiccup number two. She wakes up and is SUPER hungry, while at the same time Lola is waking up too and can’t stop crying. Now it’s getting real.  I stick a bowl of soup in the microwave. I try to nurse Lola. She won’t latch, she’s upset and crying. Coco is crying for her food, too. So I realize Lola has a “little” (not really, it was huge) blowout (hiccup number three). Perfect. The poop hoarder decided to poop today. She poops every 2 or 3 weeks and TODAY you decide to poop? Of course, it’s my first day with them alone!  I have to bathe her in the sink (that’s how bad it was). It’s the first time in my life that I bathe her. There’s something about bathing a newborn, I don’t feel comfortable doing with my one hand. All this time someone had done it for me in the bathtub with a sponge in the bottom. Now here I am, bathing her in the sink because she’s got poop up her back, on her feet, everywhere! I decide to just throw everything away. No desire to wash and save a onesie.

I’m finally done and I go get the food from the microwave. I open the microwave door and all the food falls down. It does. It just does. I put the cover on wrong and it fell and the food “tripped” as the tray turned. That’s hiccup number four which feels like forty. I can save some of the soup and give it to Coco.

I finally sit and watch Coco eat while I nurse. NOW I feel like a mother of two.

How a hamburger made me cry

How a hamburger made me cry

Everyone keeps telling me: “Enjoy them while they’re little. They grow so fast!” I do. I enjoy my daughters. I cuddle with them. I get down on the floor and play. I tickle. I dance to kids music that I had never heard 2 years ago. I sing the songs, too. I laugh at shadows and bubbles. I know they will only be little for a short time and I know they will grow. I just didn’t realize how amazing it would be to actually SEE THEM GROW. Like, actually see the growth right in front of me.

There have been episodes in Coco’s life that show she has grown. Obvious episodes like when she learned to crawl, then walk. When she got down from her crib and transitioned to a toddler bed. When we started potty training and wore panties for the first time. I have been proud of her for every of them, and when they happen I have celebrated with her and my hubby. It is obvious she is growing and everyone around her cheers and celebrates.

There are other moments that only I have noticed, and these are the episodes that have stopped me cold and made me observe and marvel on how she is growing right in front of my eyes.They are moments that only me as a mother identifies and treausres. Last week there were like a million of them. I swear she grew up last week more than she had in the last few months.

She said her first 2 word “sentences”. They were “Bye Wendy”, I know Wendy is big as a peackock right now. She also said “More pio” (More chicken) when we were eating nuggets.

I had to blow dry her hair for the first time. It’s getting cold at night and I don’t want her to go to sleep with wet hair so I blow dried it. I had been looking forward to this one. It was like connecting with her in a girly way and this is something I have always looked forward to… I don’t have many girly memories with my mom, I was too little to do girly things before she passed, so doing girly things with my daughters will always be extra special.

She read to me! No, she didn’t just make animal noises with the animal book. She read the story. She went through one of of the books we read at bedtime, and said a “word” in the story for each of the pages. She said them with the same tone of voice we use when we read to her. It melted my heart.

She put on her own oils. We use essential oils all the time. ALL the time. We wear them on the bottom of our feet when we wake up, before naps, on the wrists and back of neck to help be in a better mood, just to name a few. Last week after putting on her diaper before bed, I got the roller bottle out like I usually do. She took it from my hand, and started putting it on the bottom of her feet. This girl knows her stuff. =)

She ate a whole hamburger. Ok, we did baby led weaing, so this shouldn’t be a surprise but it is. She has a lazy bite and has never been able to bite into a sandwich, pizza, etc. We had always cut those in bite size pieces. Well, last week we bought her a burger. It was a a small kid’s meal burger. I was about to give her just the meat in small pieces then thought let’s try it. What do you know, the 19 month old finished the whole thing. Pickles, onions and all.

She learned how to play hide and seek. I just love playing with her, any game. Last week we played hide and seek and she actually understood the game. Ok she still made noise and didn’t hide without being obvious, but she would go to a corner and “count” while I would hide.



My God, I’m getting sentimental over a Burger King kid’s meal! I don’t even want to know how I’ll react to the first day of school, graduation,  first date, or wedding!!!!

They grow SO fast. Yes they do. It’s hard to see them grow and realize they won’t be little forever.  But it’s the BEST THING in the world to experience it first hand by being there when they do.

Not funny, dad. 

Not funny, dad. 

My favorite food? Mexican

My favorite music? British rock, well… european rock? (U2!)

My favorite sound? (Yes, you can have a favorite sound. What’s yours?) Mine is Coco’s laughter. No question. It’s the best sound in the world.

Most of the times, her laugh comes from playing with papa, only this time, it didn’t.


No da risa, papá.

Mi comida favorita, es la mexicana.

Mi música favorita, es el rock británico. De hecho, el europeo (U2!)

Mi sonido favorito (SI, si puedes tener un sonido favorito. ¿Cuál es el tuyo?) es la risa de Coco. Sin duda alguna, es el mejor sonido del mundo mundial.

La mayoría de las veces, viene junto con pegado a jugar con papá. Pero esta vez, no fue así…